Wolstanton Golf Club Heritage

Wolstanton Golf Course was formed and the course laid out during the winter of 1903/1904, originally as a 9 hole course on the parkland of Dimsdale Estate.

The Dimsdale estate came into existence in 1608. In the early Victorian period Dimsdale Hall was owned by a family named Bennett. The Dimsdale estate was purchased by the golf club in 1903. The old house began to decline and was redeveloped in the 1920’s as a clubhouse. Eventually the last remnants of Dimsdale Hall were demolished in 1947.

“We did keep a memento,” says Wolstanton Golf Club’s Bert Maxfield. “In the restaurant you’ll see we have preserved part of the oak-framed wall with wattle and daub rendering which we have encased in glass. It’s a reminder of our very ancient past.”

Founded in 1904 on Monday 23rd May (Whit Monday), when the first medal was played. In 1920 the course was extended to 14 holes, and finally to 18 holes in 1925. In 1912, Juniors (sons of members) were allowed to join the club. The earliest detailed record of memberships in 1913 was 96 Men, 43 Ladies and 7 Juniors. In 1908 two terraced properties were rented as a Clubhouse in Dimsdale Terrace.

The clubhouse was opened twelve months later. It was still very primitive and electricity wasn’t installed until 1934.

In Word War 2 in 1941 golf was suspended due to a Polish Army Battalion billeted for many weeks in large green tents all down the 17th fairway. House owners in adjacent houses in Hassam Parade talked of the Polish soldiers speaking in broken English with locals looking to trade rations for cigarettes.

After the war the club moved on at a pace but it wasn’t all plain sailing. In 1966 after a long fight the club were able to fight off a council order to acquire the land for a public park!

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